Lampworking (aka flameworking) is an ancient art developed thousands of years ago, no doubt as early man sought to adorn himself (and herself!) with beautiful beads! It is the art of making beads by melting glass rods in the flame of a torch and winding the molten glass around a steel rod or "mandrel" which has a clay-based release agent on it to keep the glass from bonding to the steel. The rod must be evenly rotated to center the hot glass. The bead can be shaped and decorated using a variety of simple tools, all the while keeping the glass at a molten state. The flameworked bead is then placed in a kiln and held at 950 degrees to anneal, which aligns the glass molecules making the glass bead stable.

Each bead is a bit of magic, made from glass and fire, lovingly hand-crafted from the heart and soul of the glass artist.


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    Welcome to my web site, the home of lampwork beads and custom jewelry. For those of you who are not yet familiar with the magical world of lampwork beads, please take a moment to read the history and background of lampworking below.

    As you wander through the site, enjoy the sampling of my art and feel free to contact me for information regarding custom orders. The beads shown in my Gallery are examples of my work. While specific beads are not necessarily still available, feel free to inquire about a particular style of bead that you may be interested in. Also, please check my show schedule and if I'm visiting your neighborhood, do stop by and introduce yourself! That way you can see your favorite styles in person!

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